Cassette Compilation Now Available!

For Record Store Day 2015 we released a cassette compilation of some awesome tracks donated by some of our friends. They’re limited to 100 copies with artwork silk screened on canvas and they come with a download code. Get one HERE!

$_57 $_12



1) Ty Segall…Pan (00:00) 
2) The Shivas…So Far Out of Control (03:33) 
3) Paint Fumes…Black Lodge Dead Moon Night (05:21) 
4) G. Green…TV Coast (08:22) 
5) Peacers…Go to School (11:04) 
6) CCR Headcleaner…Curl or Pearl (Live) (13:16) 
7) The Nervous Ticks…Purity Control (17:52) 
8) Winston Facials…Life (20:08) 
9) J.C. Satàn…Italian Summer (25:14) 
10) Protomartyr…Sweeney Ashtray (00:00) 
11) Whatever Brains…What Happened to What Happened to All the Destructionaires (02:22) 
12) PC Worship…I’m So Fucked (05:02) 
13) Kid Millions/Brandon Seabrook/Johnny DeBlase…Migraines (06:21) 
14) Frankie Rose…Sorrow Strings (11:05) 
15) True Believer…Ragamuffin (14:46) 
16) Ships In the Night…Dark Places (18:57) 
17) Linear Downfall…Düsseldorf (23:13) 
18) Thee Oh Sees…Nobody Was Watching (27:22)

4/22 OBNOX (Cleveland), Winston Facials TONIGHT!


Ohio has produced so many good garage and post-punk bands in the past few decades, picking a list of the best would be close to impossible. But one thing’s certain: Lamont “Bim” Thomas would show up a lot. He’s played drums in V-3, Bassholes, the Unholy Two, This Moment in Black History, and Puffy Aerolas; the latter two still enlist his services regularly. But his most important project is turning out to be one he does on his own. In just three years he’s cranked out three albums and a bunch of EPs and singles as Obnox, pouring his experiences, influences, and considerable energies into burning-red noise-punk blasts.

First comes a gale-force gust of noise, battered drums clamoring behind feedback and distortion. Then through the din, melodies emerge and structures take shape. The rock half of Winston Facials’ noise-rock becomes apparent. Like John Dwyer’s pre-Oh Sees duo Pink and Brown, Winston Facials revel in chaotic squalls of guitar noise, but they can’t shake the undercurrent of tunefulness. Playing way past in-the-red, well into blown-out, Winston Facials make a hell of a racket—one that is more apt to move bodies than scour skulls.

April 17-19 Phuzz Phest at Reanimator!


Reanimator is excited to be hosting a bunch of awesome bands for Phuzz Phest’s 5th anniversary this year!

7:45pm….1970s Film Stock – (
8:45pm….Lilac Shadows – (

Noon – 6pm….Phuzz Phest Block Party! Come hang out and party in the street. DJs, beer and food!
5:45pm….ET Anderson (
6:45pm….Foxture – (
7:45pm….Eggy Strange – (
8:45pm….Ships In the Night – (

6:45pm….Yes the Raven – (
7:45pm….Volunteer – (
8:45pm….Unfortunate Gentlemen (
9:45pm….Lowland Hum (

This weekend!

Friday Show and Art Opening (6:30 – 11)
ShipsInTheNight-poster ColdSalem2-poster

Cold Salem 2: 2nd Annual Halloween Art Show! 
w/ live music by Ships In The Night (, Nevin Kight ( and our pals Make Light.

Saturday Show! 7:30 – 10:30

10690045_814917731863156_4057695328162233967_nFeverDream (Greensboro)
Octopus Jones (Raleigh)
and Youngster (Florence)

Sunday Party and Show (7:30 – 10:30)


Come celebrate 2 years of being weirdos with us! We have remodeled and are all set to take on Winston. We are lucky enough to have Portlands The Shivas (K records) at our party. Also Winston Facials will jam. The BBQ will be fired up and an after party at A.A.O.B.L is to follow with DJ Mauve Angeles on the ones and twos.


Winston-Salem, NC